In addition to our project management services, we offer expert monitoring and evaluation services to help organizations analyze their activities. Our comprehensive monitoring, evaluation, and learning projects at MNI Analysis Partners include advocacy methods and efforts to implement long-term policy changes for the sustainability of the project. We conduct close follow-ups and reviews of the projects to determine the efficiency of projects for overall improvement. In our monitoring and evaluation services, we identify specific goals to be measured according to the client’s requirements as the foundation for our professional analysis. These goals and indicators become the defining factors for the success of the project and pointers for areas that require improvement to be recommended to the client.

We collect quantitative and qualitative data using powerful tools such as GIS mapping, ODK and Kobo toolbox for evidence-based decision making and data visualization. Our clients rely on us to design, implement, evaluate and present the results of our research and evaluations to communicate their project successes and challenges. Our monitoring and evaluation include Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) frameworks, Data Collection and Analysis, Research Support, Program and Project Evaluation, Knowledge Management, Reporting, Improvement consultation, and Performance management plans.
We ensure the optimum utilization of resources to provide better outcomes from the project cycle.

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