About us

MNI Analysis Partners is a leading consulting firm based in the grand capital city of Nigeria, Abuja. With specialization in the provision of a versatile range of professional services for clients within private and public sectors, we are a team of unique service providers within the corporate professional space.

Conceptualized and formally registered as a company under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria in June 2015, our consulting services at MNI Analysis Partners centralize on Data Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Research and Training, and Program/Project Management.
At the core of our services are the knowledge and expert experience of Human Resources, as it relates to various fields that cut across the dynamic needs of our clients. We offer clients expert consultation in all aspects of the business cycle from the practical experience of our team of evaluators, data scientists, and managers who have worked on projects of diverse scales, requirements, and industries.

Our team of first-generation M&E practitioners is highly qualified expert consultants with the knowledge, resources, and experience that makes them proficient amidst a cocktail of professional backgrounds. Since its inception, the creativity of our in-house experts has been pronounced in the efficient strategies provided for innovation and problem-solving. Their expertise is offered, at full capacity, towards the satisfaction of our client’s demands and improvement of organizational standards. Our dynamic range of services is tailored for unique delivery with sustainability and efficiency.
We commit our resources, team, and industry know-how to the completion of every project to international standards of quality and excellence.
From consultation to completion, MNI Analysis Partners maintains its integrity as a leading indigenous company by providing industry-best quality and optimizing an international network of business relationships and connections.
We ensure that our client’s requirements are prioritized at every stage of management, monitoring, and evaluation. Our multidisciplinary team of over 500 experts operates a business model that is supported by core values of client satisfaction, adding optimum value, transparency and accountability, attention to detail, and the achievement of professional deliverables.

Over the years, MNI Analysis Partners has garnered an impressive portfolio on the successful delivery and implementation of projects and services to clients including facets of the government, organized private sectors, and individuals. With competitive prices, prompt turnovers, and a comprehensive business model with quality assurance at every step of the cycle, our clients are treated to a unique consultation and implementation experience at MNI Analysis Partners. Our strategic position as indigenous providers with international experience enables us to offer custom solutions for our client’s demands. We sustain excellence with effective results in all our services.

Our Corporate Statement

Our Vision

To be the premium-choice consulting firm and industry expert representing the African continent at a global level.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional consultation with the use of global resources to bring positive change through innovative solutions for Africa and the world.

Our Core Values

Client satisfaction

We deliver exceptionally on all projects, ensuring that all details according to our client’s requirements are met appropriately and in line with the global standards. We prioritize customer satisfaction and quality of service in every stage of the project.

Optimum Value

For every project undertaken by MNI Analysis Partners, we bring our full capacity to implement plans based on the consultation for high-quality training, monitoring, and evaluation. We never skimp on the quality of services provided and we make sure to add optimum value for efficiency and excellence.

Transparency and accountability

We understand the importance of integrity and reliability as a leading consulting firm, and we maintain this through transparency and accountability. Every aspect of the project is communicated with the client and documented for record-keeping purposes. Our team is professional and experienced, with no situations of compromise on the quality and integrity of our services.

Attention to details

As a consultation firm, MNI Analysis Partners understands the essence of details for the success of any project. We pay absolute attention to the intricate details of our client’s projects, and we fulfil every aspect of the requirements to ensure that the project outcome meets all expectations and standards.

Professional deliverables

The key components of our service that promote our uniqueness are the competitive prices we offer,
alongside impeccable standards and a commitment to promptness. Our professional deliverables are
central to the delivery of our services.

Why Choose Us

MNI Analysis Partners is an indigenous consulting firm with a global view that is committed to the delivery of excellence in research, training, media and marketing, monitoring and evaluation, and project management. We engage our team of expert consultants, as well as a network of local and international print and electronic media establishments, reporters, and broadcasters to deliver our professional services. We emphasise transparency in every stage of our project cycles, ensuring that all your requirements are prioritized and all your expectations are satisfied to optimum standards. We utilize our extensive resources across a diverse range of industries.

At MNI Analysis Partners, we create practical, innovative, and unique solutions that satisfy our client’s demands and meet up to global standards for quality. We never stray from the industry best practices in our consultation and other facets of our services. Our team of experienced professionals is highly qualified to train professionals for private and public clients. We guarantee zero disappointments, disruptions, and delays, with no compromise to agreed details for the project duration. We take your demands seriously, with an unrelenting commitment to success and sustainability.

MNI Analysis Partners is wholly committed to your success, and we give it our all!

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