MNI Analysis Partners holds a unique industry position with regards to the exceptional professional quality of its team. Our experts can design need-specific programs and tools for training within the corporate sector for private and public clients. We understand the need for corporate sustainability through environmental management and appropriate interpersonal conduct among employees, clients, and stakeholders. All these factors are taken into account while preparing our training sessions and educational tools according to the client’s specific requirements. Through our capacity building and training services, we help our clients and trainees achieve improved standards of professionalism and quality of performance. We facilitate the implementation of best-practice models that are focused on sustainability, performance value, and resource activation for efficiency. Our training approach is put into effect through interactive seminars, group work, role-play exercise, and practical sessions. Our capacity-building specialization at MNI Analysis Partners covers aspects of professional performance such as Educational budgeting and planning, Advocacy and IEC (Information Education and Communication) materials development, Policy formulation and Policy analysis, Project planning and management, Human resource management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Leadership and public sector corporate governance, Community mapping, mobilization and sensitization, Budgeting and planning, skills acquisition training and skills gap assessment, Logistics management and supply, Information and communication technology training, and Team building. MNI Analysis Partners is passionate about conducting training with a global-standard tool, virtual platforms and resources that bring about the long-term impact on all participants, with a focus on customer satisfaction through capacity building for performance value.

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